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Strength in Numbers
A Gun Violence Memorial

This sculpture titled “Strength in Numbers” is made with modules centered by a round hole to honor each victim of gun violence in the calendar year. The circular spaces are symbolic of the wound to both the victim’s physical body and the impact on the community because of their absence. If we stop the cycle, the sculpture will stay the same. Sadly, if more lives are lost, the sculpture will continue to grow.


Just one week before his 15th birthday, Kathon Moore was lost to gun violence at the corner of Hodiamont and Etzel while riding his bicycle. This sculpture is a memorial to honor the life of Kathon and others lost to gun violence in St. Louis, Missouri. Though there is a deep pain implicit in gun violence, we stand in the hope of a future where these tragedies will be prevented and where communities, remaining resolute in what is possible, will work collaboratively to save the lives that remain.


This memorial was commissioned by Cornerstone CDC, a healing-centered, Christian, West End Community Development Corporation. Their goal was to create an experience that will allow residents to reclaim impacted spaces, honor those lost to violence, and inspire hope for those left behind to stop the cycle.


Other contributors include Pocketparks, the St. Louis Area Violence Prevention Commission, Restore St. Louis, and support from St. Louis Artworks, Great Rivers Greenway, and Printerior.


Youth apprentices of STL Art-works have produced a short violence prevention documentary titled “Who Cares”.  This film was displayed with the sculpture at the opening ceremony. You can view this film below.


To learn more or support those impacted by gun violence, please visit the Crime Victim Center at

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