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Welcome to The DUC Park!

The DUC Park is the very first park by Pocketparks,  a non-profit organization that reimagines and redevelops unused plots of land to provide communities with active and beautiful recreational areas. You can learn more about our mission here

The DUC Park is currently in phase 3 of construction! You can see the transformation in our Missouri Planning Association presentation on Overnight Placemaking here

The next phase of the park needs your help! 

Pocketparks is raising funds to continue our improvements and ongoing maintenance to make this park stays clean, healthy, and vibrant for all.

We encourage you to take a photo and tag @pocketparks with the #DUCPark! and add this link. 


Pocketparks thanks you for your part in brining the DUC Park to life!

Thanks to the DUC Park Naming Sponsor, the Downtown Urgent Care. 

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