Our Parks

Pocketparks is currently working to develop 6 different parks in the St. Louis Area.

You can see our current projects below and read about the status of each.

Are you interested in a Pocketpark in your neighborhood?

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The DUC Park is Pocketparks very first park project. This park is currently in phase 1. We have cleaned the lot, installed doggie waste stations, completed half of our wall mural, and continue to push towards completion of phase 1! Click to learn more and see how you can help The DUC Park! 


Pocketparks is collaborating with The West End South CID, St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce,  and others to develop a Pocketpark at 5900 Clemens Ave. Click to vote for what type of park you'd like to see and complete a walking tour survey! 


In a partnership with the Cortex, 2 Acre Park conceptually links two critical sectors in our society, technology and agriculture; in a literal and whimsical way. The landscape design explores futuristic concepts from the the past, a crop circle. As the early era farmers were then, we are in awe of the advancements that science and technology are contributing to our farms and  fields. DNA strand sculptures enhance the park concept and explain some amazing and local advances in plant based disciplines.


Pocketparks is collaborating with The Laclede's Landing Neighborhood to develop a Pocketpark under the MLK Bridge on Laclede's Landing Blvd. Click to vote for what type of park you'd like to see and complete a walking tour survey! 


Ratio Park is located in the Hyde Park Nieghborhood. This is our newest park location and is currently under construction. Park opening will be later this summer. 

Pocketparks is collaborating with the Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association to plant an urban sunflower field in honor and support of Ukraine. The field is scheduled to bloom in August of 2022.