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ReVitalize Changemakers 2021

In July of 2021, the first ever Changemakers Series was released by Jim Shelvy and Larry Cohn of The Jim and Larry Team to benefit ReVitalize and the named changemakers. Changemakers21 was broadcast live over 3 consecutive nights and featured the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

In total, 45 everyday people who make an impact in the lives of so many others were highlighted and their stories were no longer untold.

This is the story of Samantha Lee. Samantha had been searching. She had been searching for a way or an outlet that would help St. Louis while utilizing her skills. In her own words she states that she was looking to do "positive impact work for her community."

While noticing an unusual amount of vacant land in St. Louis she developed her idea and brought it into focus. What emerged was Pocketparks, a non profit organization created to re utilize empty land and create safe outdoor spaces where the community can come together and participate. Each Pocketparks has three core concepts: Art, activation and opportunity.

An interior designer by trade, Samantha is now taking her skills to the outdoors because she feels that the built environment is so impactful on mental and physical health. She is passionate about public spaces because they are just that-for the public, equitable and user friendly. Working with a "shoestring" budget, she relies heavily on volunteers to fulfill the mission. The development of the parks is not the sole vision of Samantha.

Before a park is constructed, she gathers community input through walking tours, get togethers and social media. Residents decide how the park is to be used so that it is a reflection of their community or neighborhood.

When asked what her secret to success has been, Samantha states that a large part of it is active listening, "it's all about the people!"

A humble example of a clear changemaker. Congratulations Samantha.

Changemakers was done in support of ReVitalize (a 501c3 nonprofit) to support these amazing people and to ensure that the organizations benefiting from Changemakers21 could continue to not only tell the stories, but to create new ones.

To support Changemakers and ReVitalize, visit

To learn more about ReVitalize, visit:

To learn more about Jim & Larry, visit:

To learn more about Samantha, visit Linkedin:

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