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City Wide Trash Pick Up to Unite Neighborhoods Around a Cleaner St. Louis

15+ Neighborhoods to Host Clean Up on June 18th

St. Louis, MO (May 20, 2022) – Aaron Dohogne spends much of his free time volunteering for various outdoor projects around St. Louis. You can find him planting trees with Missouri Forest ReLeaf, transporting mulch for Pocketparks, or picking up trash in Lindenwood Park. This year, Aaron decided to host a clean up that would support not just one neighborhood, but an entire city.

“Trash is a problem everywhere in the city. It’s such a recurring problem that it’s become common and accepted as normal. But that is not acceptable.” Dohogne goes on to say, “When people pick up trash alone, they can feel defeated or like their efforts don’t matter. From my experience, when people work together picking up trash they feel empowered and connected and are encouraged to do it again.”

The event will be June 18th. Trash pick up locations and times will be determined by captains in each neighborhood. Specific details and more information can be found in the Facebook Group “St. Louis Neighborhood Trash Pick Up”.

Currently, about 15 neighborhoods have committed to hosting trash pick ups. If you are unsure if your neighborhood is participating, you can join the Facebook Group and message the administrator.

“As a city-wide effort, I’m aiming to make it more convenient and meaningful for people across the city to help out in their neighborhood or in one nearby.” says Dohogne. “Most people hate trash, but not many people pick it up. The city-wide trash pick up is meant to demonstrate that picking up trash is a good and easy thing that almost everyone can do.”

All ages are welcome to participate in the event. Supplies can be provided if needed.


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