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Welcome to Ratio Park!

Ratio Park is designed from the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio. It is found in nature as well as man-made objects. When used, it creates natural-looking compositions that are pleasing to the eye.


This park implements the Golden Ratio through a division of raised platforms. Park visitors are invited to learn about ratios in an interactive way. Through signage, we ask visitors to explore the ratio and find other examples in the natural and built landscape. 

Ratio Park also features new trees and native plants.

The next phase of the park needs your help! 

Pocketparks is raising funds to continue our improvements, expand the garden, and provide ongoing maintenance to make this park stays clean, healthy, and vibrant for all.

We encourage you to take a photo and tag @pocketparks with the #RatioPark! and add this link. 


Pocketparks thanks you for your part in brining the Ratio Park to life!

Thanks to our Sponsors for helping us bring this park to life. 

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