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Sunflowers For Ukraine

Our Urban Sunflower Field in 2021 was a huge success. Now sunflowers have even more meaning. The Sunflower is Ukraine's National Flower.  Pocketparks is planting sunflowers in 6 park locations around St. Louis in support of Ukraine as a symbol of resilience and peace. Half of the profits will be donated to Ukrainians in need through the GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, half will support Pocketparks' mission to reduce vacancy in St. Louis.

Beautify St. Louis while supporting Ukraine.

Scroll to  sponsor a sunflower and join our efforts today. 

  Sponsor a Sunflower  

The Parks


  The Cortex  


  The West End Park 


 Coming Soon! 
Hyde Park 


  The DUC Park  


  The Vessel Park  

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Tower Grove East

Sunflower Facts

Sunflowers—soniashnyk in Ukrainian—have grown in Ukraine since the mid-18th century

Sunflowers take approximately 100 - 180 days to bloom.

Sunflowers are able to remove heavy metals from contaminated soil.

Sunflowers are a valuable food source for bees, birds, and other insects.

Stay Up to Date about Ukraine Here

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