Neighborhood Assessment Survey
West End Walking Tour
Let us know what makes your neighborhood great,
and what would make it even better.
Assessment Area Map
To complete the form below, please take a walking tour of the area highlighted below between the streets of Cabanne Place, Delmar, Hodiamont Ave, and Goodfellow Blvd.
Does this area feel safe to you?
How would you rate the walkability of the area?
How would you rate the bikeability of the area?
Is the area visually appealing?
Would you feel comfortable walking in this area at night?
Are people socializing/engaging in this area?
What kind of park would you like in this area?
Did you complete the walking tour?
How Often do you Visit Parks?
What is your race?
What is your age?
Would you be interested in volunteering to help build or maintain the park?

Thanks for submitting!